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This is only the beginning for the international Reggaeton sensation, as he takes on the remaining leg of his European concert series, the “Tamo En Vivo” tour.“Spotify has been supporting Latin music for many years, and this is the moment that shows our passion and love for the genre are equally supported by our audience.

However, when it comes to Dad’s sport, there is definitely a catch.

Chances are the ultra-upbeat "Despacito" remix has been stuck in your head since the moment you first heard it — even if you don't speak Spanish.

The suave — and undeniably catchy — reggaeton single by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee that features Justin Bieber is the first song primarily in Spanish to top the American charts since 1996, and its quickly staking its claim as the song of the summer already.

Hannah took to Instagram to promote an essay she penned about her hubs on Player’s Tribune where she revealed she didn’t realize at first that she knew so little about baseball when they met that she didn’t even realize he played shortstop (she thought he was a pitcher).

She talks about how her career as a model allowed her to mature early and live a full life before meeting and marrying Derek.

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