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The current Godox Firmware Update Software is however limited, and designed to function with somewhat outdated Windows 7 operating systems and prior.

There is also (at the time of writing this) no update software available directly for Apple Mac users.

Arnova 7e G2 DT (Dual Touch) firmware now available on Arnova website – 2012/05/02: Arnova 8 G2 and Arnova 8 G2 DT firmwares now available on Arnova website To update your firmware, you can use the procedure, as detailed on Arnova’s website or using Rockchip flashing tools.

Due to licensing and other issues Godox may not have new official upgrade software available until later in the year.

Though if possible they may release some interim software to help make things easier in the mean time.

If you are looking for a custom firmware to install Google Play (formerly Android Market) on your Arnova G1, Arnova G2 or Arnova G3 tablet, please refer to the “Tablets” menu above to find your device in the list, so you will access the custom firmware.

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