Granholm on the dating game

Granholm, who is currently the host of ‘The War Room’ on Current TV, had testified on behalf of a fellow law school student, who was accused of trying to start a riot during a protest against Harvard’s investments in Apartheid South Africa.

After she admitted that she had attended the protest in order to defend her friend, the Law School Ad Board began investigating Granholm, as well. Nesson ’60—famous for defending Daniel Ellsberg ’52 in the Pentagon Papers case—stepped forward to defend both students, according to the former governor.

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Jennifer Granholm's appearance on "The Dating Game " has surfaced on You Tube. Jennifer Granholm in a 1978 appearance on "The Dating Game " has surfaced. Granholm had a plea to the guy who posted the clip, saying, "Hey, take it. Mc Inerney said, "You talked about not just having a bad hair day.

moment - a video has surfaced on You Tube of her on the dating show. Update: I've updated the story to note that the Detroit Free Press. Jennifer Granholm took some time on her TV show to address the viral video of her 1978 appearance on "The Dating Game.".

It was October of her second year at Harvard Law School, and Jennifer M.

Granholm—Law School class of 1987, a former beauty queen, and the future first female governor of Michigan—was being investigated by the Law School Ad Board.

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