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Click the button below this post to show your appreciation! I have a gridview in my project which I have added Button Field controls too. Dim row Two As Grid View Row = Grid View Reservations. Literature_Cataloguing_System Entities Dim reservation Status = (From publication In my Literature Catalogue. Publication ID = (Publication ID) Select publication).

Text ' Retrieve the row that contains the button from the Rows collection. Text If Status = "Out on Loan\Reserved for Loan" Then Using my Literature Catalogue As New Model1.

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I'm trying to add lines 1 - 5 to my overriden On Row Deleting method but can't because the key accessed in base.

I tend to use business objects in my applications so using the standard data controls doesn't work very well, nor would it really buy much in terms of abstraction.

In my code I tend to write the databinding logic as part of the page logic which usually is just a couple of lines of code.

Events is Event Row Deleting, which is an object that is a private constant that i dont have access to in my derived control.

How do I get a handle to any event handlers so I can call them??? I see now that all the events get raised when I click one of the grid's buttons to fire Edit, Update, etc.

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