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I’ve been googling “7 weeks between marathons” and while neither Uncle Hal nor the Pfitz think this is the most sensible option known to man, they don’t think it is totally crazy either, provided you listen to your body. You can probably tell I’m not quite sure about anything right now.

Race options are few – the only real contender is Luton which is basically a dump, but they hosting a marathon and it might just shake the whingeing out of me.. I’ll wait and see – get my eating on track, do some running and see how I feel over the weekend. Oh and before I forget – big shoutouts to amazing Maritza and incredible Greg for their feats over the weekend in their marathon and ultramarathon, respectively.

It felt like an electric current ran through my arm. The gorgeous hunk of a man with a v-line that you could see through his chunky knit sweater.

Every single one of them and hopefully I can find some answers myself. Batman touched my arm when I was a mere babe of 21.

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