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Wedding Ideas Etiquette" data-blog-content="false" data-content-tags="["e3ff7bbd-251d-473b-9e26-967d9e0f3a6a"]" data-singular-terms="["Wedding Etiquette"]" data-content-hub-id data-content-strategy-type="editorial" data-content-series Real talk: When you're navigating the dating pool, you'll likely be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't like movies, music and tacos, potentially making it harder to a) figure out who you have a genuine connection with in a timely manner, and b) narrow down your prospects. our algorithm finds your best matches, based on your swipes. But thanks to a genius new dating app called Hater, your first dates are going to get a whole lot more interesting—and will maybe prevent some bad dates in the first place and save yourself time knowing they hate sushi and Adele. There are a ton of alternatives to grabbing drinks.

(On that note, I’m still waiting for Missed Connections for Assholes to be a real thing.) A swipe-based app, Hater first has you swipe down for hate, up for love, right for like, and left for dislike or opt out for neutral (there’s also the option to press down and see what percentage of people responded with each reaction).

Sometimes, finding things in common about things you dislike is easier than things you do like.

It could take up to your third date until you figure out they have zero problems with Nickelback, so with Hater, you can uncover non-negotiables from the get-go and cut to the chase.

While dating in your 40s might seem daunting, there are actually many advantages to being flirtatious in your fifth decade.

Being forty-something means you can draw on rich life experiences and emotional insights to make more informed choices.

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