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Der Chat kann von jedem Mitglied ohne kostenpflichtige Mitgliedschaft in vollem Funktionsumfang genutzt werden.

Zuvor ist eine kostenlose Anmeldung und das Anlegen eines Profils im WSC ntig.

Um den WSC-Chat zu starten, klick unten auf den Button "Chat starten! Fr den Chat brauchst du keinerlei Plug-Ins, lediglich Javascript muss in deinem Browser aktiviert sein (ca. Ist Java doch nicht auf deinem Computer installiert oder veraltet, kannst du es hier herunterladen. Pbeleien und Beleidigungen haben im Chat nichts zu suchen.

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A socket-based chat would require as many threads as there are users, adding a significant overhead, while a nio chat would always need but one thread, making it a lot more scalable, as the overhead of threading may get really significant. A client does not really need the non-blocking io, it can happily devote a thread to its single connection. :) How to send message to only a particular socket instead of broadcasting to all ? @abh1sh2k: Notice the broadcast function (line 85) and how it iterates over all channels, writing the message into each.You should also copy the file in your settings directory (type /open Dir to open it, or /dir if that doesn't work) before it is overwritten, in case it could be helpful to find the bug. However, you can manually connect to Group Chat by changing the server/port to connect to (you can change it in the Settings under Advanced, use the 'server' and 'port' settings, the /server command or commandline parameters) and looking up the channel name yourself (you can use this blogpost for help on that).There are a few drawbacks: Since Chatty can currently only connect to one server at a time, you would have to run more than one instance if you want to use regular Twitch Chat at the same time. It also wouldn't recognize the channel as a group chat channel, so some stuff might not work correctly.Please tell me about bugs or else I can't fix them.Please describe exactly it happened, since this is absolutely necessary to find out what went wrong (just saying "it doesn't work" or "it won't load" can mean a lot of things).

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