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Photographs of Algerian women functioned as a medium of representation during the Algerian War.In some cases, French soldiers forced Algerian women to unveil for portrait identifications, which violated local Algerian customs and religious practices.

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Note: The robbery attempt begins at around the mark with the thief attempting to stab the owner, and the fight lasts until .She tells me that because she is a “good” Arab, which is to say one who follows no religious restrictions, she is embraced by certain French people with a readiness she finds discomfiting, held up in their minds as a model of “integration,” a word I hear used far more often than “equality.” Through her eyes, I struggle to understand the nuances of a racist society whose structures are completely different than my own.Recently, France’s Burkini bans — laws prohibiting women from wearing a modest wetsuit and headscarf on France’s beaches — have been the subject of fierce debate at nearly every social gathering I’ve attended.When I tell her how much I enjoy having an American accent in French, how many liberties I feel it allows me, she tells me how important it was that she scrub her voice of her own accent.She feels ill-at-ease in large groups of what she deems the , the French-French, who can never seem to remember that she eats pork and drinks wine.

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